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Louise Carroll Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Louise Carroll
BA, Dip.CBH, Dip.LC, M.GHR
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Below is a selection of testimonials from my clients. For more reviews please also visit Natural Therapy For All.

I can recommend Louise without hesitation to anyone who needs help with any kind of emotional problem, whether personal or work-related. Her perception, empathy and intelligence really shine through and it is clear that she cares and is committed to making a real, life-changing difference. She provides that extra amount of support and insight, while using proven techniques that subtly create invaluable and lasting changes to how you feel. She is also a great motivator and confidence builder. It is clearly important to find a therapist that you can trust with your innermost problems and I can happily say that Louise is that person. SM

Work Stress and Anger
Faced with the responsibilities of a high pressure job and a tough business climate I became consumed with unbearable anxiety and feelings of dread, always expecting the worst. I was losing my ability to think clearly and all too often reacted with anger. Louise helped me regain my perspective and take a more balanced view. Now things are going well, still a few challenging days as you would expect but not as much negative thinking which is a good thing. I feel more confident, able to face up to things and look for solutions. I admit that I was cynical at first but I felt comfortable with Louise from the start, and with shared humour and persistence, I gradually realised that it was working. JW

Addictions and Depression
I started seeing Louise at a point where my addictions and depression had removed my ability to see anything, including myself and my family and all aspects of my life, in a positive light. Her incredibly caring, gentle but effective approach has allowed me to find the strength and willpower needed to rebuild my self-esteem and enthusiasm for life. Each session with Louise builds on a strong foundation and the results are incredibly exciting. I just wish I had not found Louise so late in life - precious time would not have been wasted. GL

Relationship Issues
Right from the start, the atmosphere was welcoming and focused. Louise listened patiently, with deep empathy and without trace of judgment. Subtly steering through the confusion that my life had become, she helped me to confront things both practically and emotionally. Louise has simply harnessed with grace her natural compassion and intelligence for the benefit of others. I highly recommend her. LS

Depression, Anxiety and Low Self Esteem
When I first started seeing Louise I was signed off work with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Working with her I have been able to build back my confidence and return to work armed with strategies to help me cope in difficult situations. AJ

Louise helped me overcome a build up of anxiety that had started to take over my life, whereby I was feeling the physical symptoms that this can cause and was unable to relax. Together, we defined my goal as to see my glass as half full (rather then half empty) and to feel more confident in myself and my abilities. I started to see the value of adopting a less rigid and more accepting view of life. Through the process of CBT, I worked at recognising my irrational thoughts and replacing them with more helpful ones. Louise also introduced some coaching to the sessions, helping me to expand my horizons and take up new interests. Ultimately, I do feel that my glass is now half full. I still refer to the ’tools of the trade’ that Louise taught me. I feel calmer and I would recommend to anyone her professional but caring and sympathetic approach. FM

Until I went to see Louise I had not really acknowledged the extent to which my OCD had taken over my life and subsequently that of my young family. Louise put me at ease straight away, being a great listener, sympathetic and incredibly supportive. Louise helped me come to terms with the causes of my condition and gradually face my fears and anxieties. It was not easy, but with her guidance I learned to get my life back in balance, rebuild my confidence and become the person I used to be. I now have a much clearer perspective and understand how my anxieties developed. It is so rewarding when my close family notice how much I've changed. My life is now much more happier and fulfilled. I would thoroughly recommend Louise. I have found her incredibly trustworthy, committed, intuitive and an expert in her field.

Fear of Flying
I went to Louise suffering with a very bad fear of flying. I would think of any way of avoiding the flight, long train/car journeys, boats! But with 4 flights coming up in quick succession I needed to see if I could do anything. Luckily I found Louise, who was able to see me twice before my flight. This literally was my last hope, so amazingly with her help I was calm for the first time in 7 years on a plane, and didn’t have to take anything when on the plane to calm myself either. I completely felt relaxed and would go far as saying I didn’t mind any of my flights, even when one had extreme turbulence, which for someone who would cry during a whole flight is literally life changing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. VM

I would absolutely recommend Louise to anybody looking for a CBT expert. She’s been incredibly helpful to me, and has been excellent in tailoring our sessions to fit my individual needs. SM

Anxiety, Depression and Confidence
I was recommended to see Louise when suffering from anxiety and depression which was affecting my ability to function normally. My confidence was also at a low ebb. Louise offered a calm and caring environment which enabled me to untangle my problems. The process and techniques I learned gradually took effect and empowered me to think and behave in a way that helped me see a way forward. I can fully recommend Louise - she is a star! HB

Panic Attacks
I went to see Louise as I was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks which were very distressing. She immediately put me at ease and was reassuring and offered me a very detailed assessment of my difficulties. I was very impressed by her use of rational emotive CBT which helped me understand and take control of my problems very quickly. I’m pleased to say that my symptoms have resolved thanks to Louise’s sessions and i would recommend her without question. CM

Having seen Louise I’m pleased to say that I’m good and nearly back to the old but wiser me. The anxiety (although wouldn’t recommend it) has made me re evaluate my life and make sure I’m living my life rather than just getting by... I also realise that I need "me time" once a week to just chill out and pamper myself.. So, I’m getting there and feeling very positive.. The odd hiccup and stress moment. But that’s to remind me how far I have come and why I need to keep getting out there and having fun... Wow, can’t believe I said all that. 5 stars! HJ

I have been seeing Louise for the past few months to help with my anxiety. I have always been an anxious person, but since becoming a parent, my anxiety has certainly worsened and was having a detrimental effect on my life. In fact it was making me ill. Louise has helped me enormously. She has empowered me with techniques that have helped me combat my inner demons and negative self talk. As a result of my sessions with Louise I feel a more confident person, who looks at life in a more positive way. I find I am able to deal with new challenging situations much better than I ever did in the past. JB

Going to see Louise was a huge step for me as I’d always considered myself able to sort through my own problems. However, when a combination of events got too much for me to deal with by myself, Louise was able to break down all the different issues I had into ways I could then work through and cope with. She is a very intelligent and compassionate person whose techniques are both healing and pragmatic. Through employing them in my daily life they have enabled me to return to a balanced, happy state. I couldn’t recommend her enough. VB

Anxiety and Confidence
I have always been a bit of an anxious person but it had never been a real problem before, but over the summer I started suffering from anxiety attacks and had a big loss of confidence, especially in the workplace.

From the first session, Louise was very easy to talk to, and very insightful which immediately made me feel at ease as I had not done any kind of therapy before. I found the sessions really made me think about myself and how to develop. This helped me to gain insight into the way I think which allowed me to make positive changes. The hypnosis worked to reinforce my altered beliefs and made me feel better from the first session, a development which has continued over the last few months.

I had 6 sessions in total and have continued to work on the techniques which were discussed in therapy – I now feel great and entirely removed from the way I felt when I first saw Louise. It’s really made a difference and I would highly recommend Louise for anyone with anxiety or confidence issues. CJ

Exam Stress
I just wanted to write to say thank you. I recently had my exam. I felt that the lead up to the exam would be a real challenge to put everything that you have told me into practice. I employed some of the tactics that you went through with me, and I feel it really helped. It was a naturally stressful time but I do feel that I managed the stress and anxiety much better this time round. I didn't freak out which was a great personal victory.

One of my friends noticed that I was calmer. She said that I was the one calming her down instead of the usual situation vice versa. I probably haven't mastered it completely yet, but I thought that this was a positive step in the right direction. I just wanted to thank you again for all your help. Best wishes CA

General Anxiety and Health Anxiety
I found Louise when I was seeking help for anxiety. I was interested in the combination of CBT and hypnotherapy that she offers and thought this might help to "fix" both the way I was thinking and the way I was feeling. I found Louise immensely warm, supportive and insightful. She put me at ease from our first session and I really enjoyed and valued our sessions. She offers a combination of very practical strategies and affirming hypnotherapy that made me feel better from the start. She has also empowered me with tools that are helping me to feel better and better every day. When you suffer from anxiety, you want nothing more than to change your old ways of thinking. Louise offers some very powerful ways of helping us to do just that. I can't explain how much I have appreciated my sessions, thank you, thank you, thank you. TW

Anxiety and Relationships
I started seeing Louise with anxiety issues, which were really starting to effect my relationship and starting to get me down. Louise put me at ease from the first session as we explored all the underlying issues and then, in the following sessions we underwent the CBT process. I was amazed at how quickly this started to produce results and it is all thanks to her expert approach. She is calm, an incredible listener and clear in the way the process is worked through. You always feel at ease when working with her and she creates a very open and safe environment for you to offload and share your thoughts with her. SL

I came to Louise suffering with anxiety issues. My sessions with Louise were great and really helped me to discover how unhealthy my former thinking was and how to change my way of thinking. After six sessions I now feel much more confident that I can tackle my anxiety issues as and when they come up. HS

Self Esteem, Confidence and Relationship Issues
Louise helped me to bolster my self esteem, inner confidence and self worth after a tough break-up. With her support and that of my friends and family I quickly came to see that the future wasn't scary and in fact was something I could be excited about. I was able to take the strength gained through her, in a short space of time and see the positives around me, which returned me to my 'normal' self again. Once that penny drops you feel so much better and Louise helped me achieve that. Now my thought process is positive and I'm excited about the next chapter in my life. HR

After a long illness, I had lost confidence in myself and my abilities, despite having had a successful career. I was unable to see a clear path ahead in my career and personal life. I wanted to make changes in my working life but felt muddled and unsure of which way to turn. Louise took me through a process which helped me to identify my strengths and overcome my fear of a lifestyle change. Our sessions gave me space to think about what is important to me, to re-discover my self-belief and to visualise a new world of exciting opportunities.

After my only six sessions with Louise, a close friend noticed the change in me and said, 'The fog has lifted!' EB

Exam Anxiety
I saw Louise just a few times when I was really stressed before my exams. The first time I saw her, she listened to me for a minute and then she said something that has completely changed my life. She is truly amazing. Her experience and professionalism is exceptional. Louise, my life is so much better after meeting you! BH

From my very first session Louise made me feel comfortable and at ease. The techniques and support Louise provided me with were very useful in tackling the relationship and trust/anxiety issues I was having at the time. Louise enabled me to see things from a different perspective without making me feel as though I was being judged for the way I had been feeling. I would happily reccommend Louise to anyone who feels they need additional support with dealing with trust/anxiety issues and have felt a big difference since I started seeing her. FN