Louise Carroll
Louise Carroll Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Louise Carroll
BA, Dip.CBH, Dip.LC, M.GHR
e: louise@louisecarroll.co.uk
Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can be used as part of the CBT process to reinforce and accelerate desired change. It creates a state of deep relaxation in which you are open and receptive to the changes being sought.

Hypnosis can be compared to being in a dream-like state and is a nurturing, strengthening experience. Below are some examples of how hypnotherapy can help. Do contact me to discuss your specific needs, even if not included here.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnosis: Hypnosis may be combined with CBT to reinforce and accelerate desired change.

Fear of flying: Extremely effective to help overcome this, and other phobias.

Stop smoking: Can be achieved in one session and is an effective option for those who have not yet managed to kick the habit.

Insomnia: Stress and poor ‘sleep hygiene’ can cause racing minds at night, and become a habitual problem leaving the sufferer drained and struggling to cope. Hypnosis combined with CBT is a formula that has excellent results.

Habit breaking and addictions: Including nail biting.

Confidence building: Through a technique called 'ego strengthening', helps with self belief and changing self-talk.

Self Hypnosis and Mindfulness: I teach self-hypnosis and mindfulness, both invaluable relaxation tools which are proven to have huge benefits for calmness and relief of stress.

"I went to Louise suffering with a very bad fear of flying. I would think of any way of avoiding the flight, long train/car journeys, boats! But with 4 flights coming up in quick succession Louise was literally my last hope, so amazingly with her help I was calm for the first time in 7 years on a plane, and didn’t have to take anything when on the plane to calm myself either. I completely felt relaxed and would go far as saying I didn’t mind any of my flights, even when one had extreme turbulence, which for someone who would cry during a whole flight is literally life changing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone." VM