Louise Carroll
Louise Carroll Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Louise Carroll
BA, Dip.CBH, Dip.LC, M.GHR
e: louise@louisecarroll.co.uk
CBT for Business

"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters." Epictetus


CBT for business is an effective process that helps identify old cognitive and behavioural patterns that limit performance and progress. Scientifically proven, CBT provides an in-depth understanding about underlying issues. It can produce life-changing results for stressed professionals and workers.

How does it work?

Together, we identify the root causes of your problem. This may be linked to unhelpful ways of thinking and ingrained beliefs. The objective is to create a healthy new perspective, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced approach to work.

I can help you to manage your emotions better and increase job satisfaction. Constructive new coping strategies are developed to attain individual and business goals. You learn to move outside your comfort zone. You will build self-awareness and develop new interpersonal skills.

What issues can CBT for business help with?

See some examples here and do contact me to discuss your needs or those of your employees:

• Work related stress and anxiety
• Performance stress
• Low confidence and self-esteem
• Work / relationship issues
• Anger issues
• Low mood and depression
• Procrastination
• Assertiveness
• Fear of change / indecision

In my previous career in PR and marketing, my clients included brands such as Pepsi, SmithKline Beecham and British Airways. This has given me significant experience within the business world, working with executives at all levels.

Visits can be arranged at the workplace, at a mutually a convenient meeting place away from the office, or in my therapy room in South West London.

"Not only is Louise Carroll an extremely professional person to work with, she is also a very warm, natural and sympathetic person and, therefore, an ideal confidante. Louise skilfully gets to the root of any problem and helps achieve desired changes. She can clearly help you articulate what success looks like and then realise it, making Louise a real business asset. I would suggest any business would benefit from her counsel, I know mine has, the growth since working with her has justified our investment in her time many times over." Robin Swinbank, The Counsel House