Louise Carroll
Louise Carroll Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Louise Carroll
BA, Dip.CBH, Dip.LC, M.GHR
e: louise@louisecarroll.co.uk

Sometimes it’s helpful to talk about important things in your life that are troubling you - to someone who is not involved directly and can listen objectively.

I provide space and time for you to unravel difficult emotions. It helps to make sense of overwhelming problems by breaking them down into smaller parts.

I offer warm, non-judgmental support and empathy in the strictest confidence, with the benefit of highly specialised, professional training. If you feel that the time has come to do something to help yourself feel better, contact me to arrange an appointment.

"I came to see Louise with anxiety issues, which were really starting to affect my relationship and get me down. Louise put me at ease from the first session. I was amazed at how quickly this started to produce results and it is all thanks to her expert approach. She is calm, an incredible listener and clear in the way the process is worked through. You always feel at ease when working with her and she creates a very open and safe environment for you to offload and share your thoughts with her." SL