Louise Carroll
Louise Carroll Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Louise Carroll
BA, Dip.CBH, Dip.LC, M.GHR
e: louise@louisecarroll.co.uk
Areas I Can Help With

The list below provides some examples but each person is different and you may have a specific problem not included here. Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint a feeling that things in your life are just not right or something is holding you back. Do contact me to discuss your own needs.

• Anxiety and stress – personal and/or work-related
– including panic attacks, health anxiety, General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), performance anxiety, exam stress
• Relationship issues
• Loneliness / finding a partner
• Depression / low mood
• Low confidence / self-esteem
• Anger, guilt, shame
• Insomnia
• Blushing
• Assertiveness

"I went to see Louise as I developed anxiety and panic attacks which were very distressing and interfering with my work. Louise used a very holistic approach to tackling my difficulties. It gave me a much better perspective on what had been happening to lead me to developing anxiety and this enabled me to tackle it effectively. I would recommend Louise without hesitation as she helped me resolve my anxiety and panic attacks very quickly. She was very professional but also reassuring and supportive and just what I needed at the time!" CD